The Construction Management Podcast

Episode 26 Don’t get ripped off.

Damien and Jason discuss the importance of understanding estimating when ordering material. And they prove once and for all that they are not audio visual professionals. 

Episode 25 Managing Clients

Damien and Jason discuss ways to foster good relationships with clients and a few tactics for dealing with difficult ones.  

Episode 24 Trust but Verify

Damien and Jason discuss the importance of trusting our trade partners but also verifying the work they do meets our quality standards is and is completed per your instructions. We also discuss the importance of making sure our instructions are clear and that you are understood when managing trade partners.    

Semi Live event at Vanish Brewery

This is a recording of the live event we did at Vanish Brewery in Leesburg VA. Damien and Jason interview Ben Frick to discuss his journey in construction management from his teenage years in Vo-Tec to his current position in land development. We also interview Jonathan Staples, the owner of Vanish Brewery.  Jonathan discusses his vision for the brewery and we discuss how he was able to expand the buildings and the challenges he faced operating as his own general contractor.  It was a great event and we plan on having many more in the near future. We would also like to thank for proving awesome giveaways for the event.  Go to and use promo code CMP18 to receive 18% of your first order.  

This is a non-podcast podcast

Damien and Jason basically shoot the shit for about 25 minutes.  There is actually a ton if info about the construction management profession, including stats, help with resumes and a brief discussion about different pathways after you gain some experience. We even make you an offer offer to help you get into the industry. Enjoy. 

CMP Episode 21 Hard conversations for managers

Damien and Jason discuss the importance of setting clear expectations for employees.  They discuss daily corrections as well as how to manage annual evaluations and everything in between. This is a must listen to for any manager that wants to elevate the people around them. 

How to break into the industry.

Damien and Jason discuss a listeners question, "how do I break into the industry". Not your usual podcast from us but an important topic.  If you plan to gain employment in the industry we highly encourage you to listen up.  

Season 2 Episode 8 Be a Builder not a Scheduler

Damien and Jason discuss the difference between being a "Builder" versus being a scheduler. Be a builder, its better. 

CMP Season 2 Episode 7 Interview with Felix Vasquez CEO Hyphen Solutions

Damien and Jason talk technology and the future of construction management with Felix Vasquez, the CEO of Hyphen Solutions. Hyphen Solutions is the creator of Build Pro and Supply Pro, two of the most widely used construction management software platforms in use today.


CMP Season 2 Episode 6 Frame Checks

Damien and Jason discuss the importance of conducting frame checks immediately after the home is "dried in" and again after your mechanical trades are complete. They also discuss Damien's new blood lust to go hunting.