The Construction Management Podcast

Episode 45 Interview with Eamonn O’Rourke CEO of RenoRun

Damien and Jason interview Eamonn O'Rourke the CEO of RenoRun. The guys discuss supply chain management and how technology is changing bringing the construction industry out of the dark ages. 

CMP Episode 44 Dynamic Scheduling and staying flexible

Damien and Jason vent about the current state of things and how much they hate wearing masks. They also discuss dynamic scheduling and the need to stay flexible while scheduling production tasks. Stay healthy and safe, we are always thinking about you guys. 

Episode 43 Interview with Brian Ciciora CEO of Truewerk

Damien interviews Brian Ciciora the CEO of Truewerk. During the interview Brian and Damien discuss how Truewerk came about, tree climbing competitions and how important essential workers are to keeping society running smoothly. Jason also chimes in on the interview and how he is doing in quarantine, just kidding.




Episode 42 Interview with Yaron Dycian of Wint Water Intelligence

On this episode Damien interviews Yaron Dycian from Wint Water Intelligence. They discuss the impact of water damage to construction projects and what Wink is doing to help builders prevent catastrophic water damage as well as help preserve the worlds supply of water. Enjoy. 

Episode 41 Corona virus

Damien and Jason discuss the impact of the pandemic on the construction industry and offer some advice on managing your job site during the national emergency. 

Quick message to our listeners during this stressful time

Just a quick message from the Construction Management Podcast, If you have down time due the Corona virus let's make the most of it. Take this opportunity to be a builder in your our own life. Build a better relationship with your kids, spouse and extended family. Be a creator, write a book, make a podcast, learn something new. Once all that is done, bite the bullet and finish up all those home improvement projects you started then abandoned.  What ever you do, take this opportunity to be a better version of you when it's over.    

Episode 39 Home Aid NOVA

Damien and Jason interview Kristyn Burr, Kristyn is the Executive Director and CEO of HomeAid Northern VA. HomeAid connects regional builders and housing industry professionals with non-profits focused on ending homelessness. The theme for this year is to highlight the generosity of builders, developers and trade partners, there is no better example of their charity than HomeAid. Please listen to the podcast and reach out to your states local chapter of HomeAid to see how you can help end homelessness locally.

Episode 38 Getting things done

Damien and Jason go on for what seems like an eternity about checking the weather, knowing your site conditions and just getting things done. They also get into the metrics that construction managers are judge on and the importance of building to them, they are metrics for a reason after all. 

Episode 37 Quality Inspections

Damien and Jason discuss how to deal with quality inspections and their impact on your project as well as your career. 

CM Round Table Session #1

Damien and Jason share a few beers with a couple of seasoned Construction Managers to discuss industry trends and offer up some advice to new CM's. This ones got some bad words in it, Seasoned CM's plus beer equals bad words.  Listener beware!