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Episode 59 Lyvwell

Today on the show Damien and Jason host Lyv Guimond from Lyvwell. Lyv shares some awesome advice and strategies for staying centered and focused. She also explains how to minimize dailey stress and maximize your feeling of empowerment.  

Episode 58 Establishing a Routine

Damien and Jason discuss the importance of establishing a daily routine. Daily routines allow you to be consistent and efficient with your time while managing your build cycle. Your most important tasks should be included in your routine, this includes walking the units under construction and schedule maintenance. Quality inspections and communication should also be given priority when developing your daily task routine. 

The sound quality for this podcast isn't great, Jason and Damien were both in parking lots during the recording of this podcast, our diehard fans should be used to it by now. Thanks for listing.  

Public Service Announcement

The construction industry needs you NOW!!! This is a public service announcement to remind you to take action now. The construction industry is booming and needs Construction Managers to manage projects all over the country. It doesn't matter if you are new to the field or a salty old soul, if you want to break in to Construction Management or accelerate your career send your resumes to Builders are looking for you now and beating down my door to get resumes from my audience. Now is your time.  

Quality talk with Jake

This is a recorded conversation from 2019, Jake is one of the most experienced construction managers I know and we took a few minutes to discuss maturing on the job site and how to handle quality inspectors and code enforcement professionals.  This is a good one, enjoy. 

Episode 57 Personal Development Part 1

Damien and Jason discuss transitioning to new roles and how to add personal development tools to your professional life. 

Episode 55 Part two Dealing with newbuilding technology

This is part two of our latest round table. Damien and Jason discuss how to deal with new building technology, sort of. This was conducted at a brewery so the content tends to reflect that.  There is some good content buried in a see of dudes making fun of each other. Enjoy. 

Episode 55 Part #1What we wish we had known when we started

This is part one of a two part round table. Damien and Jason sat down with some of their buddies that have been in construction for years and asked them "What do you wish you had known when you got started in construction?". The conversation gets a little crude but there is a ton of great information, enjoy.  

Episode 54 How to gain respect when you are the new guy.

Damien and Jason discuss what it takes to fit in and gain the respect of your peers when you are the new guy on the job site. 

Episode 53 Interview with Michael Zalle, founder of Yellowbird

Damien talks safety with Michael Zalle, the founder of Yellow Bird. Yellow Bird is an on demand consulting company sorta like Uber for safety and environmental compliance.  

Episode 52 Round Table on Material Shortages

Damien and Jason invited some buddies to discuss the material shortages over a few beers. The conversation is riddled with advice for how to deal with the delays. 

The Problem:  We are constantly being notified about delays and shortages of materials from our vendors and suppliers. Production never stopped but manufacturing has slowed or in some cases stopped. And without manufactures producing building supplies we can’t build anything. To make matters worse, new construction sales have taken off and now we are trying to build our current back log with less manpower and materials and we have a huge increase in production coming right around the corner. 

Damien, Jason and their buddies provide some great advice on how to solve or at least manage through the delays.  Enjoy

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